Final Exam BOOT-U-A-22-09

Mod1. Q1. Intelligence from which sources is OSINT?

Mod1. Q2. Screen recording is a safe effective and reliable way to take an eForensic record of an online investigation?

Mod2. Q3. The UK-GDPR can into effect on which date?

Mod2. Q4. The Computer Misuse Act 1990 does not relate to III (OSINT) investigtions?

Mod3. Q5. What does VPN stand for?

Mod3. Q6. It is best policy to apply the same password for all online accounts?

Mod3. Q7. A computer fingerprint does not include...

Mod4. Q8. Facebook terms and conditions are not legislation. However, where a user breaks the terms and conditions, Facebook reserves the right to close the user’s account.

Mod4. Q9. For an investigation of a specific group, it is recommended to create a Synthetic Identity that shall:

Mod5. Q10. POLE stands for People, Occasions, Locations & Events

Mod5. Q11. During an III (OSINT) investigation process, what should not be recorded?

Mod5. Q12. Which of the following is not a recognised intelligence grading model?

Mod6. Q13. On some occasions, an IP (Internet Protocol) address relating to a subject's internet use might assist an III (OSINT) investigation?

Mod6. Q14. In the <body> of a web page Source Code, which of the following may be intentionally hidden?

Mod6. Q15. Locating which of the following indicates good progress with an III (OSINT) investigation?

Mod7. Q16. If there was a Russian element to your investigation, which of the following search engines should you consider using;

Mod7. Q17. What is the benefit of using a Meta Search engine?

Mod7. Q18. In Google, where would you find the calendar to search on a specific or custom time frame?

Mod7. Q19. Where searching Google, what do quotation marks “ “ in the search query do?

Mod8. Q20. ‘EXIF’ stands for?

Mod8. Q21. What most accurately describes a digital Thumbnail?

Mod8. Q22. One week from now, by road you plan to travel from the main railway station in Leicester to the Railway station at Bearsted, Maidstone. What is the distance, by road?

Mod8. Q23. Deploy and measure the area from Blackpool to Leeds to Sheffield to Liverpool to Blackpool. In square miles, it is approximately?

Mod9. Q24. UTC is the abbreviation for:

Mod9. Q25. A communication application such as WhatsApp will have the same user information displaying in the Desktop version & Mobile version

Mod9. Q26. In most instances, an email header should be read from:

Mod9. Q27. In the full header of an e-mail, reading from the bottom up, to identify the senders IP address, we are looking for:

Mod10. Q28. The practitioner should create a new and different Synthetic Identity for every social media platform that will be investigated?

Mod10. Q29. If a LinkedIn account is located by way of a search engine, to view the account, it is best practice to:

Mod10. Q30. When investigating LinkedIn, it is best practice to create an account with:

Mod10. Q31. Which way can you locate a Twitter account?

Mod10. Q32. With help from some of the Twitter Account ID links on; what is the Twitter Account Name linked to the Twitter Account ID Number of 18953259?

Mod11. Q33. Using the linked search from the Instagram page on, who is the Instagram Account numeric ID Number 217939928 assigned to?

Mod11. Q34. YouTube video uploads might not display:

Mod11. Q35. On TikTok, which resource cannot be deployed to download a video?

Mod11. Q36. Under the Human Rights Act 1998, no video platform is permitted to display violent or extremist content in the UK

Mod11. Q37. To acquire a Flickr Account ID, search the source code with:

Mod12. Q38. True or False? On Facebook, it should be anticipated that Facebook will record that your account as having “looked at" in a subject’s profile.

Mod12. Q39. From the Facebook account of Nick Gargan who lives in York, how many Facebook Friends does the account holder have, with a surname of Gargan?

Mod12. Q40. When trying to locate the UserID of a Facebook user, the III (OSINT) practitioner should access the Page Source from the:

Mod12. Q41. Which is correct? The social media platform OK (Odnoklassniki), can be searched:

Mod12. Q42. When researching Facebook with a Synthetic Identity, which of these answers is not advisable?

Mod13. Q43. To locate financial intelligence about the property at the Basement Flat at 66 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DP Access to find a business rates valuation. The rateable value of the property is:

Mod13. Q44. You are a journalist researching Donald Trump Jr. (selected only as a good training example). You are reasonably sure he lives in Trump Tower on 5th Avenue New York, but the building has 64 floors. You want to know which floor he lives on. From his Facebook page you know that he files small aircraft. You access Your research indicates that he does indeed live in Trump Tower, and he resides on the:-

Mod13. Q45. The son of an elderly woman living in Cardiff had hired a carer to visit his mother each day. He reports that several valuable items have been stolen from the property. He reports that the carer is called Lili Binyon. Your initial enquiries cannot locate a person called Binyon so you access You discover that the carer:-

Mod13. Q46. A member of the public reports that they know for a fact that a doctor who is treating members of the public and was registered with the General Medical Council does not have a licence to practice. The doctor is called Matthew TYSON. Your investigation concludes that the allegation is:

Mod14. Q47. Using what is the timestamp of the creation of the Reddit Community

Mod14. Q48. Following a search on TripAdvisor for the user name MizJordo, a review of the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel New York Times Square West, can be located On May 18, 2018 what was the name of the General Manager?

Mod14. Q49. Concerning Reddit, which is correct?

Mod14. Q50. Locate the profile of the user AdrianM on TripAdvisor. In March 2022 how did Adrian report that he had travelled to Patong Beach. On

Mod15. Q51. Which of the following statements is correct.

Mod15. Q52. Which is correct? A web site on the Dark Web...

Mod15. Q53. Bitcoin was designed to be a totally anonymous way of transferring money?

Mod15. Q54. A Crypto-wallet can

Mod16. Q55. The data breach resource indicates no breach for the account of mikemeissner10 on which of the five platforms listed below?

Mod16. Q56. On 17 January 2019, what was a password deployed by the gmail user michellejane149 that was published by the data breach resource IntelligenceX with date format 2019.01.17 ?

Mod16. Q57. On the resource IntelligenceX a search query with the email address provides a summary of 28 data dumps. How many were in 2021?

Mod16. Q58. indicates that the account of user boulliebeest was compromised in an breach. What personal data was probably not compromised?

Mod17. Q59. Command line tools only work in a Browser

Mod17. Q60. In general, it is preferable to perform command line OSINT processes on which operating system?